The Lazy Hostess shows you how to make cocktails and delicious party food with ease

Babe Scott’s latest book, The Lazy Hostess, shows you how to put the curve into cocktail parties. Sizzling soirées shouldn’t be hard work, nor should they stretch the wallet. After all, we have our beauty treatments to pay for. The true purpose of hosting a cocktail party is to play the siren, not to slave over a stovetop. You’re not a domestic drudge but a diva. Hosting a party gives you a chance to walk your own red carpet and enjoy the spotlight. The Lazy Hostess gives you everything you need to become the queen of your social scene.

The Lazy Hostess shows you how to feed and water the hungry hordes with no more stress than your average makeup blotter could handle. The delicious hors d’oeuvres in this party food recipe book are so easy a child could make them. None are so complicated that they can't be thrown together while watching a soap opera and swigging your favorite sip with a girlfriend. And they can be assembled quickly, so you can get out of the kitchen and spend more time socializing and cocktail swilling.

The Lazy Hostess really knows how to put the froufrou into frugal. Every dish is made with inexpensive, fuss-free ingredients that you probably already have in your pantry or fridge. And if you don’t, you can easily buy them at your corner store. Let’s face it: if your friends want to eat edible flowers, they can help themselves to the vase.

But cooking – whether for a crowd or for your Casanova du jour – is never just about the food. Sure, you want to wow their taste buds with your culinary efforts, but how you present yourself and preside over the festivities are equally important. No self-respecting hostess wants to be upstaged by her hors d’oeuvres. The party food should be delicious but it’s the hostess who should be the hottest thing to come out of the kitchen.

With that in mind, The Lazy Hostess gives advice on primping and preening and getting in the party mood. After all, Cleopatra didn’t spend her time scrubbing the sink before a banquet. Nor do Hollywood stars spend their time chasing dust bunnies before they hit the red carpet. The Lazy Hostess even includes a recipe for a pre-party cocktail and an “I’m Too Sexy” playlist to help you feel fabulous before you greet your guests.

The Lazy Hostess also offers advice on dressing to thrill. You can’t play the siren without looking your sexy best. It’s the hostess who sets the tone. Imagine if the compere for the Emmy’s turned up in a shapeless sweatshirt. Having a party is really an excuse to play adult dress-up and wear your glad rags. This book will help you channel your fashion diva with advice on selecting the all-important party dress as well as heels and hosiery to match. It will show you how to look like a million bucks on a beer budget.

On the subject of alcohol, The Lazy Hostess includes recipes that show you how to make the world’s best signature cocktails. In this cocktail recipe book, you will find timeless classics as well as a few contemporary recipes that will get your party started faster than rocket propellant. It provides single-serve cocktail recipes as well as party-sized pours to save you from developing cocktail elbow from your shaker or getting stuck behind the bar. Your signature sip is your co-star for the night. No siren can be expected to preside over her party without the aid of her magic potion.

It doesn’t stop there. The Lazy Hostess will help you up the testosterone ratio in the room. After all, what’s a party without some frisson? And it doesn’t take Nate Silver to figure out that the higher the hormone ratio, the more chances of snaring a likely stud. Even if you have a fella, you don’t want him to feel like Robinson Crusoe. The Lazy Hostess also offers ideas for entertaining an after-party Romeo, including seductive snacks and cocktails and morning-after fare. It will show you how to ensure your seduction efforts are a success with its “Siren Survival Kit.”

No canapé is left unturned in showing you how to become a cocktail party queen. You’ll find entertaining tips on sprucing up your abode and soundtracks for every occasion. Babe has even devised irresistible invitations and tantalizing platter placemats of hot man candies for you to download on this website. She even has a plan for enticing a cocktail-fuelled cleaning party to help you tidy up the next day.

Why wait! Get the party started and order your copy at The Lazy Hostess is not just a cocktail recipe book; it's a badass best friend that will show you how to conquer the world without leaving home or risking a hangnail.